Can Tiffany open a flash shop to “catch” young consumers?

In 2018, American luxury jewellery retailer Tiffany & Co. (Tiffany) came to good news.

Recently, Tiffany announced its first-quarter earnings, with global sales up 15% year-on-year (more than 28% in the Asia-Pacific region represented by China), driving share prices up 23%. This achievement is undoubtedly a shot in the arm for the management of Tiffany’s new CEO, Alessandro Bogliolo.

China, the second largest market for Tiffany, is also the strategic focus of Zaful Coupon Code the brand. Recently, Tiffany announced that it will first test the water flash shop in the luxury pavilion of Tmall’s exclusive luxury channel in September this year, aiming to provide a seamless omni-channel shopping experience for Chinese consumers.

The “omnichannel model” is part of the reform strategy pursued by Alessandro Bogliolo. In October 2017, Alessandro Bogliolo became the CEO of Tiffany. The appointment was somewhat imminent. At that time, Tiffany was experiencing a downturn, and comparable sales including the same store and online had not increased for 12 consecutive quarters.

Less than a year after taking office, Alessandro Bogliolo carried out a major reform and proposed to become the company vision of “The Next Generation Luxury Jeweler”.

[Alessandro Bogliolo is a veteran of the luxury jewellery industry and has worked in Bulgari for 16 years. In 2012, he joined Sephora, the world’s largest beauty retailer, as the North American Chief Operating Officer. 】

It is undeniable that millennials are becoming the backbone of the growth of the diamond jewelry market. For luxury brands, whoever firmly grasps young consumers will have a greater chance of winning.

To achieve this vision, Alessandro Bogliolo put forward a series of priority strategies after taking office, including expanding the brand reform volume, providing an omni-channel shopping experience, and updating products.

Omni-channel layout, firmly embrace e-commerce

First test water line flash shop

The luxury brand “electric shock” is the trend of the times. The attitude of luxury jewellery brands in the Internet shopping wave has also loosened their attitude towards e-commerce.

As early as 2016, Tiffany reached a partnership with luxury e-commerce company Net-a-Porter to sell some products. Previously, Tiffany’s e-commerce channel was limited to the official website of the brand, but only some markets were opened.

If the cooperation with Net-a-Porter two years ago is more testing, then this year the brand ushered in the second home appliance partner Farfetch, which shows its firmness in embracing e-commerce. Tiffany entered Farfetch in early March to sell a range of jewellery products in more than 40 countries.

Since entering the Chinese mainland market in 2001, Tiffany has only 36 stores in the mainland, and most of them are concentrated in the core cities of Shanghai and Beijing. Online channels are undoubtedly the best choice for brands to reach more Chinese DressLily Promo Code consumers, but at present Tiffany has not opened a channel for electricity in China (WeChat and official website can not buy).

In this case, Tiffany chose to work with Luxury Pavilion to test China’s e-commerce platform with the lighter attitude of online flash stores, with the following considerations:

First of all, the online flash shop can meet the needs of the brand in a short period of time to reach more users, especially to grab the attention of young users. Obviously, Tiffany’s intention to open a flash shop is not only in sales, but also to obtain user portraits of the Chinese market and collect relevant data for accurate marketing.

In addition, the brand can also create new or classic products through the flash shop. For example, Tiffany’s flash shop with Tmall will launch the new Tiffany Paper Flowers? 8 products in China, including a platinum necklace with a price of 673,000 yuan. The necklace is in China. The limit is only two pieces.

Tiffany’s online flash shop style in Tmall follows the brand’s classic Tiffany Blue color. The homepage is a blockbuster movie by Hollywood popular actress Elle Fanning. The page expands to preview this time. New products for sale. In addition, the flash shop also launched a Tiffany card, inviting consumers to synthesize their mind cards online, and customizing their wishes for friends and relatives.

And offline, Tiffany has also upgraded the shopping experience by renovating stores and opening new stores. Last month, Tiffany’s world’s first Style Studio new retail concept store was unveiled in London.

The image of the “mysterious and high-cold” traditional store of luxury jewellery brand is very different. The atmosphere created by this new store is more casual. The clerk does not even need to wear formal attire. Tiffany hopes that customers will enter the store and throw the impression of luxury tradition. Rear. In addition to a range of classic products, the store also sells leather goods, perfumes, household products and more. In addition, a vending machine is set up in the new store. In addition to selling products, private custom jewelry services are also available.

A series of practices mark Tiffany’s new approach to the luxury retail experience, trying to provide customers with a more interesting and relaxing shopping experience by watching, playing and interacting.

Create “freshness” and speed up the release of new products

Tiffany Paper Flowers? Flower rhyme series first listed in China

Today, luxury brands need to constantly create a sense of freshness in order to win consumers. Tiffany knows this, “Newness” is the word repeatedly mentioned by the brand’s executives on a recent conference call with analysts.

In May of this year, Tiffany Chief Art Officer Reed Krakoff released his first jewellery collection since his appointment, the Tiffany Paper Flowers? Inspired by the “decorative petals of paper-cut art”, the collection combines diamonds, fancy diamonds and tanzanite in platinum to create the shape of the petals, blending clean modern design with natural themes.

The entire collection includes bracelets, pendant necklaces and earrings. Check out the US official website, which sells for between $2,500 and $79,000. The core of a necklace in the collection is set with a 68-carat pear-shaped diamond that lasts up to 5 months. According to Reed Krakoff, these extravagant raw materials and whimsical designs are designed to avoid formalization and to escape the design of traditional fine jewelry.

Reed Krakoff is the rising shareholder of the American luxury brand Coach. In January 2017, he became the new chief art officer of Tiffany. After taking office, he was responsible for overseeing the creative work of jewellery, luxury accessories, stores, e-commerce and advertising. The new partner of Reed Krakoff and Alessandro Bogliolo, who is a fashion designer, is also highly anticipated.

In addition to developing new designs, introducing new materials and speeding up the release of new products is also a key part of Tiffany’s “making a sense of freshness”.

Under the leadership of Alessandro Bogliolo and Reed Krakoff, Tiffany built an innovative factory called JDIW (Jewelry Design and Innovation Workshop) in June this year, with the main task of improving the brand’s efficiency from idea to finished product.

In Tiffany’s view, this innovative factory is more like a space for developing innovative manufacturing technologies, powering the development Coupon Code for Shein and production of the new series, and also a way to shorten the jewelry production cycle. The ultimate goal is to achieve large-scale production and improve product development efficiency. Currently, the Innovation Factory is preparing for the jewelry collection to be launched in 2020.

Attracting millennials with an enterprising attitude that focuses on change

Into the Chinese market, play holiday marketing

According to The Diamond Insight Report 2017, mainland China is the world’s second largest market for diamond jewelry consumption, with demand reaching $10 billion in 2017. There is no doubt that the Chinese market is almost a position that all luxury jewellery brands are vying for.

Tiffany opened nine new stores throughout the fiscal year 2017. As of the first quarter of this fiscal year, Tiffany operated 314 stores worldwide, including 87 in the Asia Pacific region. From the perspective of sales, Greater China is the second largest market for Tiffany. How to better integrate into the Chinese market? This is evident from Tiffany’s festival marketing in China.

In 1886, Tiffany launched the first six-prong inlay engagement ring, which is believed to have created a tradition of diamond ring marriage proposal. In its 181-year history, it always believes in the concept of “love and commitment.” When coming to China, Tiffany will naturally not miss deep interaction with consumers on important festivals related to love.

For example, during the Spring Festival and Valentine’s Day in February this year, Tiffany put a flip card advertisement on WeChat, and the slogan “Like love because of the name of love” triggered a wide resonance of the audience.

On the past May 20th (520 Valentine’s Day), Tiffany held a limited-time experience exhibition called “Love Journey” at Shanghai Henglong Plaza, setting up cafes, cinemas, AR interactive areas, boutiques, etc. Five experience zones, and invited Chinese brand 挚 ambassadors Du Jiang and Huo Siyan to come and help.

The upcoming Tanabata is regarded as a battleground for the marketing of major luxury brands. A week ago, Tiffany put a friend circle advertisement on WeChat, hoping to further convey the brand concept through the star effect of Du Jiang and Huo Siyan couple.

In addition, Tiffany’s online sale of the flash shop opened pre-sale on August 16th, two weeks ahead of the sales of offline stores, and this time node just happened to be on the day before Tanabata on August 17th, guessing maybe The brand is also hoping to take advantage of the Tanabata as the new product to warm up in China.

Introducing the surrounding products to attract heat, the brand topic has increased greatly

In the 1960s, the classic film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” starring Hollywood legend Audrey Hepburn gave the Tiffany brand a romantic aura that never fades. However, as a luxury jewelry retailer, in its more than 100 years of history, Tiffany’s business has never been in contact with food and beverage, but recently, Tiffany has taken the pace of cross-border development.

In November 2017, Tiffany opened the world’s first coffee shop, Blue Box Cafe, at the flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York and served breakfast, which made Tiffany’s breakfast a reality and instantly became a global social media. Hot topic.

In the same month, Tiffany released the Everyday Objects series designed by Reed Krakoff, a $1,500 paper clip, and a $9000 yarnball to make eyeballs, especially in the spread of social media including Chinese Weibo and WeChat. Next, after becoming the Net Red Cafe, there is another hot topic.

In July of this year, when the Everyday Objects series launched a bubble toy with a price of 2,250 yuan, it once again screened social media. Chinese netizens screamed that “poverty limited the imagination series to the second season.”

This series of actions is seen as a marketing tool, and its intention is also obvious. Tiffany tries to make the brand active in the millennial vision by launching peripheral products. The industry believes that Tiffany’s marketing is successful, and it has caused heated discussion among young people, which has greatly increased the brand’s popularity.

In the 2018 luxury brand Digital IQ Index published by L2, the digital marketing agency in New York, Tiffany ranked first in the jewellery and watch segment with the highest rating of “Genius”. L2 pointed out that Tiffany performed very well on all social media channels (especially Instagram).

Build emotional connections with young consumers and bid farewell to “the luxury of the old world”

In addition to expanding its peripheral products, Tiffany has also strengthened its interaction with consumers through the form of advertising. Recently, Tiffany released the new image advertisement “Believe in Dreams” in 2018. The film invites Hollywood actress Elle Fanning to perform the classic jewelry of the brand, fresh and bright, and the elves and ghost horses, further explaining the enterprising attitude of the brand’s focus on change. .

In this ad, Elle Fanning appeared in the black and white movie, standing in front of the window of Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York, recreating the classic scene of the 1961 classic “Tiffany’s Breakfast.” The picture follows Elle Fanning and comes to the real world. The re-edited classic song “Moon River Moon River” is written by Elk Fanning, an American rapper A$AP Ferg.

Neil Saunders, managing director of GlobalData Retail, a US retail data provider, affirmed the new ad, which he believes will help strengthen the emotional connection between the brand and young and contemporary consumers, which is critical to the company’s performance. .

He said: “Tiffany finally Yoins Coupon Code realized that most consumers of all ages no longer need the luxury of the old world. They need modern, fresh and inspiring things that inspire and motivate them.”

The data also proves that Tiffany’s approach to attracting young people is fruitful – despite the overall decline in marriage rates, especially in the millennial consumer group, the jewellery consumption opportunity is no longer just a “wedding culture”, they are more respectful of “female Self-reward, but this does not seem to affect Tiffany, whose core business is engaged. Its first-quarter earnings report showed that Tiffany’s love of engagement products sales grew by 11%.

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Tommy Hilfiger Plays Technology Launches Different Denim Costumes

American fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger recently launched a denim collection called Tommy Jeans Xplore. Whenever Zaful Coupon Code customers wear the Xplore collection, the smart chips will reward customers with certain points. By collecting these points, customers can redeem different prizes.

The Xplore line is currently only available in the US, with 23 men’s and women’s apparel items, including T-shirts, fleece warmers, denim jackets, jeans, hats and backpacks. The labels for these products are built with low-energy Bluetooth sensors from Israeli technology company Awear Solutions. The device can be connected to Xplore’s IOS app, allowing users to save points by completing tasks on the app. Consumers can also use the app to go to specific locations on a realistic map to collect branded heart-shaped logos.

When consumers accumulate enough points, they can redeem different rewards such as Live Nation concert tickets, limited exclusive signature items, and admission tickets for Tommy Hilfiger brand clothing shows. The Xplore series can be purchased at the Tommy Hilfiger brand’s flagship store and online sales platform on Fifth Avenue in New York, with prices ranging from $30 to $140.

The Tommy Jeans Xplore collection does not track user health data like other smart clothing, but prefers a loyal membership program. The Tommy Hilfiger brand says the series is designed to create a branded micro-community that helps brands and consumers. Build a deeper connection. The Tommy Hilfiger brand officially stated that the Xplore series is “a Tommy Jeans star Newchic Coupon Code product equipped with smart chips”. This series can bring consumers a completely different dressing experience, and they invite customers to “connect, explore and harvest” with them.

Designer Tommy Hilfiger said that the launch of Tommy Jeans Xplore is part of the company’s development strategy and will continue to leverage new technologies such as digital to provide consumers with a more diverse experience.

The Tommy Hifiger brand has always focused on technological innovation, and last year launched the award-winning app “TommyNow Snap”. Customers Lovedrobe Discount Codes can scan all the flat or physical items of interest, and the software will help customers find the corresponding products on the Tommy Hilfiger brand website.

Italian old-fashioned hat maker Borsalino aims to achieve an annual output of 600,000

In the middle of this month, Italian/Swiss entrepreneur Philippe Camperio, through its private equity investment firm Haeres Equita, earned a long history of the Italian cap brand Borsalino with a court auction. On July 31st, Borsalino’s original employees will also complete the final Promo Code for Zaful transfer of labor relations, officially led by Philippe Camperio to continue to carry forward this hand-made hat brand adhering to the “Made in Italy” fine tradition.

In this regard, Philippe Camperio personally commented: “I am very happy that we can go this step after more than three years of twists and turns, and then we will start to develop and implement a new development plan.”

Philippe Camperio also said that Borsalino currently has an annual production of 165,000 hats, of which 35,000 are the most popular Panama straw hats. In the future, Borsalino’s market potential is about 500,000 to 600,000 hats a year, which is why Philippe Camperio has said that it will push Borsalino’s production four times in the next five years. In terms of regional markets, Japan and the United States will be the potential market for brands, while Philippe Camperio also expressed concern about the feasibility of Borsalino entering the UK, China and South Korea markets. It is worth mentioning that despite the bankruptcy issues, Borsalino’s sales in 2017 still reached 17.5 million euros.

In terms of production, Philippe Camperio will also make further investments in Borsalino to acquire new production equipment and recruit more production personnel, which will increase the number of production workers by 5% to 10% per year in the next five years.

On the product side, Philippe Camperio emphasized that Borsalino will further strengthen the brand based on its original characteristics. It does not rule out the use of some new materials and expand the product range. He concluded: “Our goal is to produce ready-to-wear accessories similar to hats.” Products such as scarves, ties and handbags, we hope to bring Borsalino, a 160-year-old brand, to another 160 years.”

About Borsalino

Originated from Giuseppe Borsalino’s hand-made hat-making workshop opened in Alessandria, Italy on April 4, 1857, it evolved into Borsalino Giuseppe & Fratello SpA, which has a history of 161 years and is called “Made in Italy” (Made in Italy) A model of craftsmanship.

Borsalino has launched a number of classic products such as the Achillie hat, Fedora jazz hat, Straw Panamas straw hat, and many other celebrities have been sought after for many years, “Casablanca” male Humphrey Bogart Humphrey Bogart, former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill Churchill, Nobel Prize winner Ernest DressLily Promo Code Hemingway Hemingway, Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio Dunnan, American singer Rihanna and British actor Jude Law are all fans of Borsalino. The famous Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto is also a big fan of Borsalino. Borsalino is said to have sent him a favorite hat every year.

Borsalino’s products are also sold worldwide, in the most luxurious department stores, including Bergdorf Goodman, Barney’s and Saks Fifth Shein Coupons Avenue in the United States, Harrods and Selfridges in London, England, and Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

What sports fashion and luxury brands have won in the Russian World Cup

The French team defeated Croatia 4-2 to win the World Cup in Russia. The four-year World Cup is a high-profile sports event that attracts the attention of the global audience. Sports fashion and luxury brands will naturally not miss this marketing opportunity.

As the main sponsor of FIFA in Promo Code for Zaful the past 20 years, adidas has a clear advantage in the competition between football and Nike. The former has been responsible for the design and production of World Cup special football since 1970, and brand advertisements are also all around the stadium.

Coincidentally, however, both teams in this World Cup final were sponsored by Nike. Elliott Hill, head of Nike’s customer and marketing department, said: “Three of the four teams that entered the semi-finals (France, Croatia and England) were sponsored by us, and we also provided sneakers for 65% of the players on the field. .”

Nike’s sponsorship contract with the French team will continue until 2026, with an annual contract value of 50.5 million euros, and Nike will get more benefits from this contract.

This year, 12 of the 32 teams that entered the finals were sponsored by adidas, and Nike sponsored 10 of them. Unexpectedly, the old teams sponsored by adidas Spain and Argentina were eliminated in the knockout stage, and the last champions of Germany were even more likely to be in the group stage.

Despite the poor performance of the sponsored teams, adidas announced at the press conference in June that during the World Cup, the sales of its football sportswear will reach 8 million, exceeding the sales of the World Cup in Brazil.

On the eve of the finals, the custom luggage of the French luxury goods group LVMH flagship Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) once again became the focus of attention. It was admitted under the escort of the last champion German team captain Philipp Lahm and the Russian World Cup ambassador, the wife of the LVMH group Antoine Arnault and the supermodel Natalia Vodianova. The box contained the World Cup trophy – the World Cup.

In the final, as the ambassador of the German sports brand Puma, the French team member Antoine Griezmann scored a goal by penalty kick. Adidas signing star Paul Pogba expanded the score to 3:1 with a volley. The two Croatian goal players Mario Mandzukic and Ivan Perisic are wearing Nike sneakers. Nike signing star and Croatia captain Luka Modric also won the Golden Globe Award in this World Cup.

The best rookie award winner, French player Kylian Mbappé, became one of the biggest highlights of the World Cup. As a Nike signing star, he also served as a model for the co-branded series Promo Code for DressLily launched by Virgil Abloh’s street fashion brands Off-White and Nike (see “Glory” report: Nike teamed up with LV and Dior mens creative directors on the eve of the World Cup Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones launch the football theme series). After the game, Mbabe appeared in Nike’s promotional film in a Nike French jersey with two stars (representing two World Cup champions).

In the film wearing the French team uniform as a model is also the French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus.

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Fashion brand Carven bankruptcy will change again

It turns out that the addition of Dior original designer Serge Ruffieux is not enough to save Carven in the fire.

According to the latest news from the Fashion Network, the Paris Commercial Court has responded to the bankruptcy protection application Lightinthebox Discount Code submitted by the French haute couture brand Carven on July 9. The brand is currently faced with two options to get rid of financial difficulties, one is to find new investors for its transformation. The capital injection, the other is to seek buyer acquisition.

For the first option, Italian private equity fund Style Capital expressed its intention to start a partial stake in Carven earlier this year. The private equity fund is known for its focus on fashion, and in February this year it acquired 32% of the Italian designer street brand MSGM. Shares.

According to another source, three potential buyers have submitted to the Paris Commercial Court the offer to acquire Carven, namely the beauty perfume group Bogart, the leather textile wholesaler Cashtex and the individual investor Philippe Métivier, among them by the Bogart Group CEO Jacques Konckier. The proposed acquisition will be held at the end of July, and the final result will be finalized at the end of August.

Carven was founded by Carmen de Tommaso on the Champs Elysées in Paris, France in 1945. It was once regarded as a high fashion brand with the same name as Chanel. Carmen de Tommaso and Chanel founder Gabrielle Chanel are the development of the French fashion industry after World War II. One of the driving forces.

Carmen de Tommaso, like Chanel founder Gabrielle Chanel, is regarded by the industry as one of the driving forces behind the development of the French fashion industry after World War II.

In addition to haute couture, Carven also offers perfumes, watches, jewellery Tomtop Coupons and other products. Since 1965, Carmen de Tommaso has been invited to design and produce aviation uniforms for France, Japan and other countries, and in 1968 launched the first men’s collection.

In 2008, Carven was acquired by Société Béranger with the goal of becoming a modern brand. Under the leadership of former CEO Henri Sebaoun and former art director Guillaume Henry, Carven has briefly revived.

In May 2016, Bluebell Group, a Hong Kong-based luxury fashion brand agent, was optimistic about Carven’s development prospects and invested in a two-thirds stake in Carven. The group became a Carven Greater China agent in 2012 and introduced the brand to the mainland the following year. There are currently 5 independent stores.

As a group focused on developing fashion business in Asia, Bluebell has successfully represented more than 50 brands to date, and is the first to introduce Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Jimmy Choo and Paul Smith to the Asian market. In 1993, the group was in China. Opened the first Louis Vuitton store.

After Carven was included, Bluebell Group appointed senior executive Sophie de Rougemont as CEO of the brand, Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud as artistic directors of women’s wear. In July of the same year, Carven decided to shut down the menswear collection and focus on developing the women’s wear business.

Currently, Carven’s creative director is Serge Ruffieux, who worked at Dior. After joining Carven, Serge Ruffieux tried to emphasize the attributes of brand haute couture by maintaining the brand’s striped Polo shirt, embroidery and other classic elements, but in the face of the younger wave, it failed to attract the industry and consumers. attention.

In announcing the news of the brand’s bankruptcy, a Carven spokesperson admitted that due to the delayed production of the spring series of 2018 Peggybuy Promo Code designed by Serge Ruffieux, the failure to deliver on time, resulting in losses of up to millions of euros, became one of the fuses for brand application for bankruptcy protection. According to the fashion headline data, Carven had a revenue of 20 million euros last year and a total of 99 employees.

In fact, Carven’s transformation failure is not a case. The French luxury brand Lanvin, which has continued to slump, was acquired by Fosun International for 120 million euros at the beginning of this year. The French luxury leather goods brand Lancel, which was originally owned by Richemont Group, was also sold to Italian leather goods manufacturer Piquadro S.p.A.

Trend forecasting expert Li Edelkoort has said that great designers such as Cristobal Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent are famous for making radical innovations in fashion from the way they dress, but most of the replacements have made it difficult to make revolutionary changes.

Some analysts pointed out that the biggest difference between Carven and Chanel and Dior is that they did not meet the right people. In the process of being sold and sold, they gradually reduced from Haute Couture brand to light luxury clothing brand, and were the most Jewish business. Chanel, which was acquired by the brothers, and Dior, which was bought by LVMH, are still firmly on the throne of luxury brands.

However, with the accelerated recovery of the global luxury fashion industry, luxury brands such as Carven with a certain historical heritage and popularity, and the need for funds to be reborn are becoming the most desired targets for major investors.

According to Deloitte’s latest research report, the luxury fashion industry will grow at an annual rate of between 5% and 10% in the next three years, with the growth of cosmetics and perfumes surpassing the average growth, while clothing and accessories and watch jewellery will maintain average growth. Level.

Among them, 89% of private equity executives and investors plan to acquire at least one fashion or luxury goods company this year, 73% of respondents believe that clothing and accessories are still the most attractive areas, and 60% of respondents It means that it will pay attention to the cosmetics and perfume fields, and only 19% are optimistic about watches and jewelry.

Among the three potential buyers, the Bogart Group is considered the most likely candidate. Before focusing on the perfume and beauty business, the Bogart Group also operated a luxury fashion brand. In 1986, it acquired the luxury brand Balenciaga and sold it to the Gucci Group in 2001.

Currently, the group owns brands such as Bogart, Ted Lapidus, Jeanne Piaubert and April. In 2010, it bought the license for the Yoins Coupon Code manufacture of Carven perfumes and cosmetics for 2 million euros. It is reported that the annual sales of only Carven perfumes are With a total of 5 million euros, the business has become one of the main sources of revenue for the Bogart Group. Now, the Bogart Group hopes to return to the luxury fashion sector by acquiring the entire brand of Carven.

As of now, neither Carven nor Bogart Group has responded to the news of the acquisition.

World Cup Economic Benefits Are “Short-Lived”?

RUSSIA MOSCOW – Moscow’s Luchiniki football stadium has been refurbished to become particularly bright, and a series of football themed souvenir shops have Zaful Coupon Code emerged in the souks surrounding the stadium, from the T-shirts of the Russian national team to FIFA. Counterfeit goods. Even in fashion retailers selling luxury goods such as Tsum and Aizel all day long, football has penetrated into product design and subtly felt the spirit of sports, but it is not so subtle to feel patriotism. Because the clothes with President Putin’s portrait appear to be more than Russian football players.

Today is the first day of a month-long FIFA World Cup. The Russians hope that the World Cup will become a gospel for the country’s economic recovery and that it will regroup on the world stage. Before the Russian government invested 600 billion rubles (9.6 billion U.S. dollars) in related infrastructure, the controversy has plagued this annual event.

For sponsors such as Adidas – FIFA’s only official clothing partner in 1998, the World Cup is an important place to compete with rivals Nike and Under Armour. It is also an important opportunity to create profits. But when another famed event is in dispute, the chances that it comes with are not as shiny as they seem.

Adidas’s transaction amount has not yet been disclosed, but experts estimate that the sponsorship of the world’s top football events every four years should be around US$100 million. It is estimated that more than 3 billion viewers will watch this event, and brand partners can often obtain super-billion-dollar investment returns from this event full of good factors. However, this year, not everyone feels good about this matter.

Hostile environment

“Russia’s geopolitical situation is complex,” said Carsten Thode, chief strategy officer of the sports and entertainment organization Synergy. “Russia not only participates in certain overseas political issues, but also is unique in its isolation from the Western world for issues such as elections and online activities. No use for brand sponsors.”

These disputes are useless for brand sponsors

The relationship between Russia and the Western world has indeed become increasingly tense. Some people even think that the current situation is even worse than during the Cold War.

In the past four years, Russia has multiple accusations: invasion of Ukraine, interference in U.S. elections, and support of Bashir al-Assad’s regime in Syria. More importantly, the official conducted a survey of Russia’s bid for the World Cup and RoseGal Coupons questioned its legitimacy. Due to an incident in the UK where the nerve agent poisoned and killed the former double agent Skripals, the diplomatic rift between the two countries has occurred. Until recently, the United Kingdom and several of its European neighbors have threatened to boycott the World Cup in Russia.

From any aspect, it will be felt that this year’s World Cup in Russia is in a completely different marketing environment than ever before.

In 2014, the World Cup in Brazil, despite people’s attitude toward corruption in the local government, the atmosphere was generally positive. In 2010, the World Cup in South Africa, the country’s reshaping of the country’s image through the World Cup, significantly increased tourism development. . The 2006 World Cup in Germany helped Adidas increase its sales by 9% over the next year.

This year is expected to have a million or so, tourists from home and abroad will arrive in the host cities of Russia, Adidas to attract them to spend again to invest heavily. At the Russian Stadium there are Adidas flash shops selling official uniforms, T-shirts and brand football. They also plan to host the Adidas title show. Brand advertisements will also be placed on TV screens and Instagram pages worldwide.

Marketing minefield

Although in Russia, most tourists will be warmly welcomed, but for a small number of international fans and players, it is indeed facing a visible hostile situation, there is a concern for security. Some have warned that a small proportion of hostile forces may be composed of ultra-nationalists and rogues, and they will incite racism, xenophobia, or violence against homosexuals.

This is the first time in history that the Fan League has issued a warning. A British fan organization hopes that LGBTQ crowd fans will not publicly show their sexual orientation at this year’s World Cup. For transgender fans, they suggest using the toilet collectively or using disabled toilets.

Although homosexuality does not violate the law in Russia, a 2013 law stipulates that the prohibition of the dissemination of “non-traditional relationships” in the presence of minors clearly leads to a conservative society that breeds anti-homosexual sentiment. In fact, according to the Center for Independent Social Research, the crime of hatred against the LGBTQ community has doubled since the law was introduced.

A Russian official Shein Coupons responded that these issues do not affect the vast majority of World Cup fans and players. However, the dark side of hostile sentiment and adidas embraced the LGBTQ crowd, which was inconsistent with its diversified brand for rights.

When it comes to Adidas’ Pride LGBT sports shoes collection, the “Superstar” and “Ultra Boost” best-selling shoes are filled with rainbow colors. Or LGBT zipper jackets and superstar pants, rainbow stripes replace the black and white stripes of the classic Adidas sportswear.

“Of course, this is inconsistent with Adidas’s brand positioning, but the question is, what is Adidas doing best?” said Thode: “The World Cup is just a window. Adidas must pass it and focus on what they can control. This is only part of the long-term operation.”

Adidas also regularly selects models and athletes of different races to appear in brand advertisements. At the friendly match between Russia and France held in St. Petersburg last month, racists discriminated against French ethnic minority athletes, causing adidas’s practice to be criticized. . Many adidas consumers from the western world, especially young consumers, are increasingly expecting brands to say no to such unfairness.

The BoF Fashion Business Review tried to contact Adidas many times to comment on the incident, but the spokesperson was busy at the time of the release of the information.

Said Sascha Amato, a fashion editor who worked for the Russian version of Interview and Buro 24/7 magazine. “To achieve the goal, do whatever it takes. Yes, [Adidas] is going to support the World Cup in a country that violates countless human rights and LGBTQ, but they may icing for the benefit. The key point is that you can see their position. Their position is rich.”

They may icing the game for profit

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Kasper Rorsted, the chief executive of the sports giant, hinted at the current challenges they face in Russia: “This business involves risks. Not all investments will pay off.”

For Thode, such comments are just a signal. “They don’t use the next step. They don’t directly criticize Russia’s methods and they respond positively to things.”

“Adidas and all sponsors hope that the World Cup will not be held in Russia,” he continued. “They want to be held in a country where there is no geopolitical, human rights and ‘neurotoxin’ problem.”

According to Simon Thun, CEO of Interbrand Central and Eastern Europe, if the brand is “forced to enter a dilemma where they must make a wide statement. For example, in the case of a disturbance, they are very much in need of standing.”

But not everyone views this year’s World Cup through geopolitical conflicts and even the dark side of human rights. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Russian fashion community’s enthusiasm for the game is even greater, and it has a greater impact on the local retail market and adidas sponsorship.

Champion mindset

“Football has a huge force in Russia that brings people together in addition to income and politics,” said Anna Lebsak-Kleimans, chief executive officer of Moscow Fashion Advisory Group.

“When you sponsor a tournament like the World Cup and you want to benefit from advertising, you need to be everywhere, which will promote people’s perception of the brand,” she added, mentioning that 12 Russian cities will host World Cup matches. .

Euromonitor International stated that Adidas is still Russia’s top sportswear brand, with a retail value of $800 million in 2017. “Adidas is undoubtedly the king of the region,” said Ekaterina Petukhova, a partner at Texere Consultants.

Adidas’ classic black-and-white striped sportswear is ubiquitous in Russia’s large urban areas. Finding a Millennial streetwear lover is as simple as finding a 70-year-old homeowner.

It is this strong presence – the brand names that are everywhere in stadiums, clothing, football and TV screens – which should be a powerful tool for increasing adidas brand awareness and consumer loyalty in the Russian market.

Alexander Shumsky, Chairman of the Russian Fashion Council and Chairman of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, is optimistic about the World Cup’s wide-ranging influence on the Russian economy. “I think the biggest surplus will be because of domestic consumption, because in Russia, playing football in the World Cup is a big deal.”

“I think the biggest consumer group comes from local fans, not only because fans are communicative and everyone wants to be included.” However, the brand has fallen far short of its peak, due to lack of market power, from 2014 to 2017. During the year, 500 stores were closed in Russia.

Return on investment

In a recent investor Banggood Promo Code call, Rorsted even downplayed the impact of the World Cup, saying that Russia provided less financial opportunities than the 2014 World Cup in Germany and the 2010 World Cup in Brazil, mainly due to the decline in overall sales in Russia. It occupies 8% of Adidas’ global revenue, compared to only 3% in 2017. Adidas’ CEO also stated that the impact of events on sales has become less important than in previous years.

If the World Cup had a serious impact on the fashion retail industry at the end of this month, the culprit may be the result of Russia’s overall economy and international sanctions. “In 2014, everyone was waiting for the economy to pick up, but it hasn’t happened yet,” Petukhova said. “Consumers have changed. Last year, the market’s growth rate was zero, but if we consider inflation, these figures are even more disappointing.”

Football in Russia has a great force to unite people in addition to income and politics.

Despite this, Russian authorities are still betting on the World Cup. This indicates that in the next 10 years, Russia’s GDP will increase from 1.642 billion rubles (26 billion U.S. dollars) to 1.922 billion rubles (30.8 billion U.S. dollars). ) boost.

According to a survey by BMI Research, Russia’s GDP is expected to increase by 1.9% in 2018, and the recovery is indeed in sight. However, “as the host of the World Cup will only play a small role in the rise,” said Michelle Berman, head of consumer research at BMI Research. “Rising oil prices are the key driver behind Russia’s economic recovery, not Russia’s hosting of the World Cup.”

Moody’s investors responded to this argument and believe that the economic benefits of hosting the World Cup are “short-lived” and “limited”.

But regardless of its impact on the Russian economy or on sponsors like Adidas, if the World Cup’s mission is to unite people of all backgrounds through sports, then perhaps the return on investment should be measured by some criteria other than profit.

Petukhova believes that in addition to “better exchange rates and spending,” there Dacoz Coupon Code is another indicator that may be equally important. “That’s the spirit of optimism,” she said.

Five Ways Of Luxury Brands Conquer Global Consumers

1. Create the founder’s legend

Chanel, who is outstanding, often emphasizes the experience, ideas and creativity of Ms. Gabriele Coco Chanel. She describes her life Yoins Coupon Code experience as a legend. We can see her love stories and designs on many occasions. The story, or a variety of perspectives.

Speaking of the founder’s story, it must also be said that Fendi, a luxury brand that started with fur after World War I, is known for first-class fur clothing. At the end of the 1940s, the five daughters of the founder of the brand entered Fendi after completing their studies. This became a popular story so far.

2. Create a classic story for the brand

Every high-end brand has a fascinating legend. The legendary characters, legendary language and legendary customer satisfaction have attracted consumers’ hearts and created different customer loyalty.

When I first met the world’s top slogan for Patek Philippe, I was deeply attracted to it—“You can never really own a piece of Patek Philippe. You just Collect for your descendants.”

The successful experience of some domestic outstanding brands also proves this: Haier Zhang Ruimin’s story of picking up sledgehammers, refrigerators, China Mobile’s maritime rescue, and the legendary archaeological discovery of Shuijingfang all had a huge impact on branding.

The world famous mineral water E-vian (Evian) is a typical example of a legendary brand. The majestic Alps behind the French town of Evian are the source of Evian water. High-melt snow and mountain rain have formed Evian water after 15 years of natural filtration and glacial sand mineralization in the hinterland of the Alps. The discovery of Evian Water is a legend. In the summer of 1789, a French nobleman named Marquisde Lessert suffered from kidney stones. One day, when he took a walk to the nearby town of Evian, he took some spring water from the Cachat gentleman’s garden. After drinking for a while, he was surprised to find that his illness was miraculously healed. This anecdote spread quickly and the experts specifically analyzed it and proved the efficacy of Evian Water.

Since then, a large number of people have flocked to the small town of Evian to experience the magic of Evian Water. The doctors have included it as a prescription. The Cachat gentleman decided to Rosewholesale Coupon Code fence his fountain and began selling Evian water. Napoleon III and his emperor had a special liking for the mineral water in Evian Town. In 1864, he was officially named Evian Town (Evian comes from Latin and originally meant water). Evian now has a global market share of 10.8%.

Hermès is a story king. Only the carriage LOGO has been given too many stories. Its explosive story is the essence of Internet thinking. For example, the Kelly bag named after Princess Monaco of Monaco. The “sac a Depeches” briefcase, the scheduler’s notebook, the “Chained’Ancre” anchor bracelet and the lady’s riding outfit are all legendary.

3. Stressed by hand

They will emphasize the craftsman’s grade, such as how long the experience of the industry has to be employed; the emphasis on the complexity and quantity of the process, the time spent on each process, and the number of craftsmen and man-hours required after the completion of the entire product.

Another situation we must see is that most of the marketing ideas of high-end brands are relatively regular, but they have a very high starting point. They are placed at the height of social development, civilization, cultural innovation, and trends of thought. It is typical of Dior’s flower wall, with several million flowers arranged on site. Cartier’s top jewellery show, Air Art installations from Paris; Indoor Air Health Roadmap for High Imported Flooring, China Elite Report, etc.

Celebrity endorsement

This is a bit different from celebrity endorsement. High-end brands will invite some big-name celebrities to speak for themselves, but on the other hand, they will find a lot of influential consumers to say good things for themselves, especially the historical emperors, queens and aristocrats. .

Brands are created by customers. For high-end brands, this statement is most appropriate. Who is your customer, it reflects what kind of brand you are. There is an old saying in China that “Peach and Li doesn’t say what they say, and it’s because of success.”

After Bentley Motors founded the British Bentley Owen in 1919, it has been a world-famous top-of-the-range car, enjoying the noble taste of a pure British style that professionals call “the car he would like to have in his lifetime.” The British Embassy celebrated its 50th anniversary and appointed the new Bentley as a Royal Caravan to attend the celebration. In China, only talent with a wealth of more than 30 million yuan may become the owner of Bentley.

Then, the use scenarios of these high-end customers will be taken out and rendered. Naturally, these are very high-quality marketing content and it is easy to impress potential customers.

5. Engage in circle marketing

Circle marketing is essentially the interpersonal communication marketing in the same circle, and it is becoming one of the Coupon Code Aliexpress main marketing methods in the future high-end market. High-end consumer goods are targeted to create a circle or create a circle, and create a common cultural atmosphere and level of interest in the circle, so as to form a sense of belonging and maximize the influence of marketing within the circle.

High-end consumers, especially the affluent ones, attach great importance to their networks. They often join high-end social circles. Members in the high-end social circle have a great influence. If a brand can gain the trust of one of the members, he will recommend it to other members and it will be quickly accepted by the entire circle.

At the same time, circle marketing can also affect the outer circle. Brands can use ordinary consumers’ high degree of attention to the circle Banggood Coupons to create a certain level of consumer tastes and values that are specific to a circle, affecting those who admire or want to join this circle of consumer groups, and bring them to the high-end circle. Close up, prompting them to imitate consumption.

Gucci opens new store to subvert the luxury store all routines

After preparing for 18 months, on May 5th, the Italian luxury brand Gucci officially opened its 1,000-square-meter shop in Soho District, New York. The reporter immediately visited Gucci, which is unique in the world.” New retail Rosewholesale Coupon Code experiment space.”

Gucci Soho store is located in Wooster Street, New York, adjacent to the French luxury brand Celine

After entering the store, it has been felt differently. Traditional New York luxury stores have security guards dressed in black suits. This store welcomes customers but is the young clerk of Gucci’s new clothes. Entering the shop, the red brick walls, the bare pipes on the ceiling, the live music and lights immediately felt like they turned into a rebellious Disco youth in the 80s. The huge screen on the left-hand side of the door is playing the 2018 autumn commercial. There are several rows of theater seats in front of the screen, and several “spectators” are sitting in sporadic positions.

Theater at the entrance

Unlike traditional luxury stores that have a clear division by category, Gucci’s shop is like a vintage museum or Alessandro Michele (Creative Director of Gucci)’s own living room: on the right hand side are two carts for carrying luggage. The passenger did not have time to remove the luggage and all kinds of travel bags.

In the center of the living room are two rows of hospitable sofas, with garments, shoes, handbags, luggage, glasses, jewelry, etc. staggered on both sides. Each piece of furniture is like a vintage collector who has Coupon Code for Shein carefully selected and matched his wardrobe. Asked the clerk to know that these are really vintage antique furniture, especially from Italy to New York.

At the end of the living room is the “kitchen”. Two cupboards are filled with plates and bowls of porcelain, candle holders with candles, and a retro Gucci leopard head.

Opposite the kitchen is a “lounge area”. The walls are covered with high-saturation sofa pillows. The pillow pattern is a totem that Gucci used on various handbags: snakes, cats, and buckets, and scattered in the rest area. The echoes of the chairs on several tables, the back and four legs of the chair are classic Gucci design.

rest area

At the end of the journey, there was a hole in the sky and a movie hall. New clothes from the show floor were on both sides of this room. A screen was set up in the middle of the room showing Gucci and Frieze Festival and artist Wu. In collaboration with Tsang’s documentary “Into a Space of Love,” the two rows of seats in front of the screen are still vintage Gucci styles, and there are also iconic bees on the armrests of the chairs.

Theater District

This store also has some unique items, such as the series of cooperation with Dapper Dan (a rap artist who is recognized as a mistake by the tailoring business), the only customizable Ace Sneaker and luggage in the world (the store offers a variety of leather In the sample, customers can choose their favorite leather style, insert their favorite letters on shoes or bags, and can see the customized effects on the spot through AR augmented reality technology), as well as various retro style sofas, screens, and seats. And other household items.

In Gucci New York Soho, each of the aforementioned experiences is unique:

The music list in the store was selected by John “Jellybean” Benitez (the famous DJ in New York in the 1980s).

The broadcast content of the theater area is Gucci’s film and television work with different artists. The movie list will be announced one after another.

The interior design of the store itself is an extraordinary art. Not only antique furniture, but also floor-patterns are hand-painted by Italian artists.

All of these experiences make this store not only a place to buy Gucci merchandise, but also an art gallery displaying the works of independent artists, a showroom for retro furniture, and even a gathering place for friends to relax and chat.

Creating a special experience is also the main goal of this new store. In the face of more and Free Coupon Codes more millennial consumers and a mature e-commerce platform, traditional luxury goods sales logic is no longer applicable. Faced with overwhelming online and offline channels, the scarcity of luxury goods itself is gradually blurred, and the high and high attitude is even less useful for young consumers.

It is these special “experiences” that cannot be obtained cheaply by other channels that can maintain the vitality of the brand and attract consumers to visit the branded stores.

The clerk told me that they wanted to create a relaxed environment that allows customers to stay in the store for a long time, entertain, relax and discover new gadgets as long as they enjoy the time spent in the Gucci store, even if they do not consume it!

For classic luxury brands such as Gucci, this is an innovation, but also an adventure. Presumably it is to take a look at the attitude, this store is currently only two years Gucci signed a lease (general contract five to ten years), the effect of how? Let us explore the coming year!

6 Stresses and 4 Market Opportunities for Luxury Brands

With the development of China’s economy, Chinese Factory J Crew Promo Code consumers (Chinese passports and non-Chinese passport holders) consume nearly 46% of the world’s luxury goods, of which overseas spending dominates, accounting for around 77%. However, with the global spread narrowing and the change of tariff policy, the Research Institute of Waikae predicts that the proportion of domestic and foreign consumption in the future will be 40%: 60%.

In 2017, the Chinese luxury consumer market is gradually warming up. The main reasons include: The continuous innovation of luxury brand products has attracted many Chinese consumers. Thanks to the gradual narrowing of the global spread of luxury prices and the strict customs control policy, Chinese consumers are more willing to purchase luxury goods in China. Finally, as China’s investment channels are narrowed and foreign exchange export regulations are tightened, Chinese consumers are more willing to spend money on luxury goods for consumption.

Although the consumption of luxury goods in China is gradually picking up, the luxury goods industry still faces six major pressures. At the same time, the Waikiki Research Institute has summarized the four major opportunities for the luxury market.

Six major pressures on luxury brands in China

1. Brand consumption becomes product consumption and has higher requirements for product innovation capability

Consumers’ desire to pay for brand premiums is reduced, and the brand’s price/performance ratio is the product’s price/performance ratio. Competition between brands is transformed from market competition and channel operation competition to product innovation and service quality competition.

All along, the homogenization of products, you copy me, I copy you are the biggest brother of a big brand of luxury, but homogenized products Code Promo Soufeel have been difficult to attract consumers, all luxury brand product innovation pressure.

2. Consumer diversification, brand multi-polarization trend

Luxury goods consumption changes from brand personality to consumer personality. Because brand personality and purchases are changing more because brands are suitable for their own personalities. Products and services that are not the same as other people have become core demands of many luxury consumers. As a result of the trend of multi-polarization of the brand, high-end niche designer brands have risen rapidly, affecting the relative position of the traditional luxury brand market.

3. Loss of core consumers, it is difficult for marginal consumers to support subsequent growth, and there is risk of brand fallout

Luxury consumers fall into two categories. One class regards luxury as a necessities of life, one class regards luxury as a luxury, the former is a luxury core consumer, and there are approximately 4 million people in China, supporting more than 60 % of luxury goods are consumed, and core consumers are losing. Although the loss of a core consumer receives an average of 2-3 marginal consumers, sales are not reduced or even increased, but the Born Shoes Promo follow-up consumption ability of the marginal consumers is weak and will be affected by The core consumer influence, when it realizes that the core consumer no longer consumes, the luxury brand will produce a cliff-type decline, and many brands are now at the critical point.

4. The rise of e-commerce, the impact of traditional stores

The e-commerce not only diverted the store’s passenger flow, but also allowed consumers to obtain more choices. This would give fakes and new brands more opportunities, especially if the number of stores has a limited number of brands, further reducing the possibility of customer store shopping.

5. The rise of new media

The rise of new media, the decline of traditional media, the difficulty of brand image management, the reduction of input-output ratio of advertisements, the diversion of customers’ attention, and the reduction of customer loyalty.

6. Reduction in product and price differences

The product differences and price differences between luxury brands and mass consumer products are shrinking. The higher cost-effectiveness makes luxury brands have to begin to face the direct competition of high-quality mass consumer goods.

Four opportunities in the luxury market

1. Consumption upgrade

Consumption upgrade is divided into three parts: concept upgrade (What), content upgrade (What) and pattern upgrade (How). The core is content upgrade. The core of content upgrade is good products and services, and luxury brands have product advantages.

2. Global consumption

At the same time of global economic integration, it is also accelerating the integration of consumption, especially the development of Internet media and transnational e-commerce platforms. It is possible to understand and purchase global good things without leaving the home and greatly increase the desire of Chinese consumers to consume international brands. .

3. Planned consumption – C2B

The luxury goods market is changing from the seller’s market to the buyer’s market. What used to be what the brand sells, what the consumer wants, what the luxury brand produces, and how to customize on this basis. The customized industry will be scaled in the future. With the development of industrialization, it is predicted that all products offered to customers by all luxury brands in the future will have a certain degree of customization. Everything can be customized and become a reality.

4. Internet +

With the help of the Internet, luxury brands can break the time and space constraints of traditional stores, allow consumers to have more dimensions of contact with luxury brands in more time and space, and at the same time use the Internet to further enrich Zaful Coupon Code and enhance service forms and content and improve Consumer experience, especially the use of Internet means to enhance the offline service experience, such as the guest mode.

How to Cultivate Baby Fine Movements

0-3 years old, especially the development of fine movements Baby Coupons of infants and young children, will be further improved after the age of 3. Therefore, children before and after school age should all participate in the development of fine-movement games or manual work.
Common are: knead clay, stacking blocks, origami, flip Aeroflow Breastpumps Coupons rope, finger weaving, beading and other children’s games; in daily life, there are still using chopsticks, wring buttons, pod beans, needle holes… These are good The development of fine-motion work. Parents can accompany their children to play together and encourage them. It can also improve the children’s attention.
Every young child grows up, just like the person who is used to writing in the right hand suddenly uses the left hand to write characters. The action is clumsy and immature, requiring JoJo Maman BeBe Coupons parents to give patience and love. So, parents, give your child some time to grow up!
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