Gucci opens new store to subvert the luxury store all routines

After preparing for 18 months, on May 5th, the Italian luxury brand Gucci officially opened its 1,000-square-meter shop in Soho District, New York. The reporter immediately visited Gucci, which is unique in the world.” New retail Rosewholesale Coupon Code experiment space.”

Gucci Soho store is located in Wooster Street, New York, adjacent to the French luxury brand Celine

After entering the store, it has been felt differently. Traditional New York luxury stores have security guards dressed in black suits. This store welcomes customers but is the young clerk of Gucci’s new clothes. Entering the shop, the red brick walls, the bare pipes on the ceiling, the live music and lights immediately felt like they turned into a rebellious Disco youth in the 80s. The huge screen on the left-hand side of the door is playing the 2018 autumn commercial. There are several rows of theater seats in front of the screen, and several “spectators” are sitting in sporadic positions.

Theater at the entrance

Unlike traditional luxury stores that have a clear division by category, Gucci’s shop is like a vintage museum or Alessandro Michele (Creative Director of Gucci)’s own living room: on the right hand side are two carts for carrying luggage. The passenger did not have time to remove the luggage and all kinds of travel bags.

In the center of the living room are two rows of hospitable sofas, with garments, shoes, handbags, luggage, glasses, jewelry, etc. staggered on both sides. Each piece of furniture is like a vintage collector who has Coupon Code for Shein carefully selected and matched his wardrobe. Asked the clerk to know that these are really vintage antique furniture, especially from Italy to New York.

At the end of the living room is the “kitchen”. Two cupboards are filled with plates and bowls of porcelain, candle holders with candles, and a retro Gucci leopard head.

Opposite the kitchen is a “lounge area”. The walls are covered with high-saturation sofa pillows. The pillow pattern is a totem that Gucci used on various handbags: snakes, cats, and buckets, and scattered in the rest area. The echoes of the chairs on several tables, the back and four legs of the chair are classic Gucci design.

rest area

At the end of the journey, there was a hole in the sky and a movie hall. New clothes from the show floor were on both sides of this room. A screen was set up in the middle of the room showing Gucci and Frieze Festival and artist Wu. In collaboration with Tsang’s documentary “Into a Space of Love,” the two rows of seats in front of the screen are still vintage Gucci styles, and there are also iconic bees on the armrests of the chairs.

Theater District

This store also has some unique items, such as the series of cooperation with Dapper Dan (a rap artist who is recognized as a mistake by the tailoring business), the only customizable Ace Sneaker and luggage in the world (the store offers a variety of leather In the sample, customers can choose their favorite leather style, insert their favorite letters on shoes or bags, and can see the customized effects on the spot through AR augmented reality technology), as well as various retro style sofas, screens, and seats. And other household items.

In Gucci New York Soho, each of the aforementioned experiences is unique:

The music list in the store was selected by John “Jellybean” Benitez (the famous DJ in New York in the 1980s).

The broadcast content of the theater area is Gucci’s film and television work with different artists. The movie list will be announced one after another.

The interior design of the store itself is an extraordinary art. Not only antique furniture, but also floor-patterns are hand-painted by Italian artists.

All of these experiences make this store not only a place to buy Gucci merchandise, but also an art gallery displaying the works of independent artists, a showroom for retro furniture, and even a gathering place for friends to relax and chat.

Creating a special experience is also the main goal of this new store. In the face of more and Free Coupon Codes more millennial consumers and a mature e-commerce platform, traditional luxury goods sales logic is no longer applicable. Faced with overwhelming online and offline channels, the scarcity of luxury goods itself is gradually blurred, and the high and high attitude is even less useful for young consumers.

It is these special “experiences” that cannot be obtained cheaply by other channels that can maintain the vitality of the brand and attract consumers to visit the branded stores.

The clerk told me that they wanted to create a relaxed environment that allows customers to stay in the store for a long time, entertain, relax and discover new gadgets as long as they enjoy the time spent in the Gucci store, even if they do not consume it!

For classic luxury brands such as Gucci, this is an innovation, but also an adventure. Presumably it is to take a look at the attitude, this store is currently only two years Gucci signed a lease (general contract five to ten years), the effect of how? Let us explore the coming year!

6 Stresses and 4 Market Opportunities for Luxury Brands

With the development of China’s economy, Chinese Factory J Crew Promo Code consumers (Chinese passports and non-Chinese passport holders) consume nearly 46% of the world’s luxury goods, of which overseas spending dominates, accounting for around 77%. However, with the global spread narrowing and the change of tariff policy, the Research Institute of Waikae predicts that the proportion of domestic and foreign consumption in the future will be 40%: 60%.

In 2017, the Chinese luxury consumer market is gradually warming up. The main reasons include: The continuous innovation of luxury brand products has attracted many Chinese consumers. Thanks to the gradual narrowing of the global spread of luxury prices and the strict customs control policy, Chinese consumers are more willing to purchase luxury goods in China. Finally, as China’s investment channels are narrowed and foreign exchange export regulations are tightened, Chinese consumers are more willing to spend money on luxury goods for consumption.

Although the consumption of luxury goods in China is gradually picking up, the luxury goods industry still faces six major pressures. At the same time, the Waikiki Research Institute has summarized the four major opportunities for the luxury market.

Six major pressures on luxury brands in China

1. Brand consumption becomes product consumption and has higher requirements for product innovation capability

Consumers’ desire to pay for brand premiums is reduced, and the brand’s price/performance ratio is the product’s price/performance ratio. Competition between brands is transformed from market competition and channel operation competition to product innovation and service quality competition.

All along, the homogenization of products, you copy me, I copy you are the biggest brother of a big brand of luxury, but homogenized products Code Promo Soufeel have been difficult to attract consumers, all luxury brand product innovation pressure.

2. Consumer diversification, brand multi-polarization trend

Luxury goods consumption changes from brand personality to consumer personality. Because brand personality and purchases are changing more because brands are suitable for their own personalities. Products and services that are not the same as other people have become core demands of many luxury consumers. As a result of the trend of multi-polarization of the brand, high-end niche designer brands have risen rapidly, affecting the relative position of the traditional luxury brand market.

3. Loss of core consumers, it is difficult for marginal consumers to support subsequent growth, and there is risk of brand fallout

Luxury consumers fall into two categories. One class regards luxury as a necessities of life, one class regards luxury as a luxury, the former is a luxury core consumer, and there are approximately 4 million people in China, supporting more than 60 % of luxury goods are consumed, and core consumers are losing. Although the loss of a core consumer receives an average of 2-3 marginal consumers, sales are not reduced or even increased, but the Born Shoes Promo follow-up consumption ability of the marginal consumers is weak and will be affected by The core consumer influence, when it realizes that the core consumer no longer consumes, the luxury brand will produce a cliff-type decline, and many brands are now at the critical point.

4. The rise of e-commerce, the impact of traditional stores

The e-commerce not only diverted the store’s passenger flow, but also allowed consumers to obtain more choices. This would give fakes and new brands more opportunities, especially if the number of stores has a limited number of brands, further reducing the possibility of customer store shopping.

5. The rise of new media

The rise of new media, the decline of traditional media, the difficulty of brand image management, the reduction of input-output ratio of advertisements, the diversion of customers’ attention, and the reduction of customer loyalty.

6. Reduction in product and price differences

The product differences and price differences between luxury brands and mass consumer products are shrinking. The higher cost-effectiveness makes luxury brands have to begin to face the direct competition of high-quality mass consumer goods.

Four opportunities in the luxury market

1. Consumption upgrade

Consumption upgrade is divided into three parts: concept upgrade (What), content upgrade (What) and pattern upgrade (How). The core is content upgrade. The core of content upgrade is good products and services, and luxury brands have product advantages.

2. Global consumption

At the same time of global economic integration, it is also accelerating the integration of consumption, especially the development of Internet media and transnational e-commerce platforms. It is possible to understand and purchase global good things without leaving the home and greatly increase the desire of Chinese consumers to consume international brands. .

3. Planned consumption – C2B

The luxury goods market is changing from the seller’s market to the buyer’s market. What used to be what the brand sells, what the consumer wants, what the luxury brand produces, and how to customize on this basis. The customized industry will be scaled in the future. With the development of industrialization, it is predicted that all products offered to customers by all luxury brands in the future will have a certain degree of customization. Everything can be customized and become a reality.

4. Internet +

With the help of the Internet, luxury brands can break the time and space constraints of traditional stores, allow consumers to have more dimensions of contact with luxury brands in more time and space, and at the same time use the Internet to further enrich Zaful Coupon Code and enhance service forms and content and improve Consumer experience, especially the use of Internet means to enhance the offline service experience, such as the guest mode.

How to Cultivate Baby Fine Movements

0-3 years old, especially the development of fine movements Baby Coupons of infants and young children, will be further improved after the age of 3. Therefore, children before and after school age should all participate in the development of fine-movement games or manual work.
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These luxury giants have refused to fur the animals

The trend of the fashion circle is reversed. In just six months, at least six luxury brands have announced their participation in the international anti-animal fur camp.

Versace, an Italian luxury brand that has always been associated with Fendi, LV and the fur giants, announced on Wednesday that it will no longer use fur materials. The current brand has begun to take action, but did not disclose specific details. In an interview with British media, Donatella Versace, the second-generation head of Versace, admitted that killing animals in order to create fashion is unreasonable.

Versace will no longer use the fur decision, PETA Treat the Animals organization to show its support, and re-emphasize that it is unreasonable to imprison animals for sticks, sticks, electric shocks, skinning, these animals and Donatella Versace’s pets There is no difference. It is reported that PETA’s US affiliate will express Donatella Versace with a box of fox-shaped vegan chocolates.

Mark Oaten, chief executive of the International Fur Federation, said that he was disappointed with Versace because most of the top designers still using fur materials are not without reason. Compared with the impact of plastics and other plastic fashion on the environment, the use of fur material is Responsible choices for the environment and consumers.

In fact, for a long time in the past, animal fur as a natural material has always been loved by designers and consumers. Its warm and advanced texture is welcomed by wealthy consumers. Versace also has a wide range of furs. One of the luxury brands favored by the young and wealthy groups.

According to the statistics of the International Humane Society HSI, Versace has launched various fur products including mink and raccoon, and is one of the main customers of Saga Furs, the world’s largest supplier of high-quality fur. Some foreign media have found that Versace’s official website still sells mink collar cashmere coats before interview articles are published. As of now, Versace spokesman did not make further comments on the news.

It is worth noting that just after Versace announced its decision not to use fur, another luxury brand, Furla, issued a statement yesterday deciding to stop using animal fur.

Furla CEO Alberto Camerlengo emphasized that the technological advances that Furla has made in recent years have allowed brands to create equal alternatives and that the use of animal skins is becoming meaningless. She specifically showed Furla’s iconic Mantra handbag and called it one of the best-selling products. It is reported that this handbag is made of plant fiber and is priced at 550 euros.

The Italian luxury brand Gucci, American light luxury brand Michael Kors and Vans parent company Weaving Group also signed a fur free agreement at the end of last year. Both said that they will bid farewell to animal fur materials by the end of this year. Among them, after the news that Gucci joined the International Furs Alliance, it received a lot of consumer affirmation and said that they would buy Gucci products.

Obviously, the consciousness of the rich consumer groups has begun to change as protests against animal protection organizations have been persevering for many years and more and more brutal fur acquisitions have been exposed.

Wayne Pacelle, chief executive of the American Road Association, said that with the advancement of artificial fur technology and the introduction of other innovative materials, fur is no longer the only choice for designers to give products a sense of luxury.

In fact, it is nothing new to deactivate fur in fashion circles. In addition to the aforementioned brands, hundreds of fashion brands have announced the abandonment of fur in recent years.

In July 2015, the German fashion brand Hugo Boss joined the International Anti-Flax Alliance, starting with the 2016 Fall/Winter Collection and complying with the Union’s 100% fur ban;

In 2015, Stella McCartney won the British Fashion Award with a pure white #FurFreeFur faux fur coat;

In the spring of 2016, Giorgio Armani also began to abandon fur materials from the 2016/17 autumn/winter collection, which was well received by the industry.

Also joining the league’s brands are Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger. Among them, Calvin Klein was the first fashion brand to announce the abandonment of fur materials. In 1990, he joined the International Furs Alliance.

The International Fur Alliance is an international coalition of more than 40 animal protection organizations. It has millions of supporters worldwide and it is committed to terminating the fur industry and killing animal furs around the world. .

Versace was once one of the main customers of Saga Furs, the world’s largest supplier of quality furs

Some analysts believe that although the brands that promised to no longer use animal fur are mostly mid-to-high-end brands, luxury brands still account for a small number, but with the participation of brands such as Gucci, Versace and Furla, the anti-fur camp of luxury brands will continue to expand. This trend will cause pressure on Hermès, which is deeply involved in the cruelty of crocodile, and Fendi, which is dominated by fur products.

In January of this year, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, released the ranking of the Corporate Knights Global 100 Index. Gucci’s parent company, Kaiyun Group, was named the highest sustainable luxury retailing group in 2017, ranking first in the list. 47, this is the third time that the group has been selected for this type of annual list.

However, whether or not it is possible to have a positive impact on Versace’s performance after giving up its highly profitable fur products remains time-tested. According to data from the fashion headlines, Versace recorded a net loss of 7.4 million euros in 2016 as a result of the global downturn in the luxury fashion industry, while sales rose by 3.7% year-on-year to 668.7 million euros.

In order to save operating costs, Versace has announced that it will no longer participate in the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. CEO Jonathan Akeroy revealed earlier that the brand needs to hold six shows a year. The high-cost Haute Couture Week has become a big burden for Versace. .

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MUJI’s New Store Always Gives New Surprises

MUJI’s Parent Company’s Quality Assurance Program MUJI’s Taipei’s Northwood Hotel opened in 2010 and recently completed a six-month refit and will reopen on March 20th.

The new store will be transformed into the first MUJI store under the theme of “Food” under the brand name of “MUJI”, introducing “Cafe & Meal MUJI” which integrates large-scale food stores and restaurants, and a special food court area with a total area of 4,300 square meters Currently the largest shop in the world.

In the shop’s large-scale Food Coupons stores, there are not only direct-delivery vegetables, lean meat, live fish at fishing port, but also grocery and toast. There are counters for face-to-face sales in the shop, with special food salesmen and fast food waiters who can process and try food on the spot. Set in the food court 48 seats, providing home-cooked food, yogurt, mixed fruit juice and baby honey cakes and other snacks. In particular, there is also a foodservice classroom where consumers can personally participate in food processing.

In addition, like other MUJI stores that stock lots of everyday items, there is an in-store counseling counter called MUJI SUPPORT. The counter provides seven consulting services such as house consultation, interior design, furniture size change, custom furniture consultation, furniture installation, furniture falling prevention, free measurement, etc. Each specific service menu also adds at least 25 kinds of recommended daily necessities .

It is reported that MUJI since July 2017, Japan’s MUJI store Yurakucho added fresh food sales, put the “food” as a brand to transform the new store one of the topics.

The cross-border to the restaurant industry, MUJI can be considered very experienced. As of now, MUJI has launched three types of dining. Cafe & Meal MUJI, a fast-food restaurant in Japan born in 2001, Cafe MUJI, a popular drink restaurant specializing in refreshments such as refreshments, coffee and sandwiches, and MUJI Diner, the world’s first MUJI restaurant officially opened in Shanghai in June 2017, The latter mode of operation by sub-period of operation, according to different time to launch different dishes, more suitable for large-scale dinner activities.

“MUJI’s introduction of dining is not intended to sell the periphery of its food and beverage,” explained the manager of MUJI’s division at MUJI. “Eating is the most direct experience of the brand.”

On the surface, MUJI is a home-use brand, but in fact, the brand has always been dedicated to providing consumers with a unique lifestyle, from first lifestyle products, hotels, MUJI cabins to restaurants. Strategies adopted by brands to increase contact with consumers.

“Combining retail with food and Jelly Belly Coupons drink, every retailing company actually has such an imagination,” said Yamamoto, MUJI’s general manager for China, who has the luxury of having a place to spend time with.

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